NICEVILLE, Fla. (WKRG) — Saturday morning was very different for 4-year-old Paxton Tucker. One month after a scary night at his Walton County home, the Okaloosa Medflight crew that saved his life took Paxton on a ride around the beach to celebrate his recovery.

Paxton is battling Leukemia and suffered a brain bleed in March 2022. With quick action from dispatch, the ambulance crew and the Medlfight team, he survived.

“I was going to make him chocolate milk and he hit his head on the corner of the wall,” said Natasha Mitchell, Paxton’s mom. “But from the time that he hit his head, it was just a matter of minutes before I realized that something was wrong. It was, it was textbook. He started throwing up. He stopped responding. At first he was talking and said he wanted something to eat. He wanted oranges. And it was about 15 minutes before I knew something was wrong and I called 911.”

The crews put Paxton to sleep and incubated him, flying him and Mitchell to Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola. He spent one week in the hospital and is doing much better. Paxton is still ongoing a battle with Leukemia, diagnosed in 2021.

People that played crucial roles in saving Tucker’s life were on site Saturday to meet Paxton and watch him take to the skies. The helicopter flew over the beach spotting sharks for Paxton to see.

The crews from Walton and Okaloosa Counties said everyone’s quick action that day in March made this job seamless and effective. His mom said Paxton loves aviation and after the flight said he wants to be a pilot.

Those wishing to support Paxton can follow his journey on social media at Paxton Power.

“The next milestone is he gets to start maintenance chemo which is less labs, less arm pokes, less hospital stays and less doctor visits,” said Micthell. “We are very much looking forward to that.”