DESTIN, Fla. (WKRG) — Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office released crime numbers for the first half of 2022.

Sergeant Genrich with crime investigations said overall crime numbers are down for the year. The biggest problem the department continues to face is property crimes such as car theft and theft of firearms.

“Firearms is probably our biggest headache when it comes to burglaries out of vehicles,” said Genrich. “We also are having vehicle thefts because cars are being left unlocked with the keys and or the key fobs and things like that. But the firearms tend to be our biggest problem just because that leads to other criminal acts that lead into our violent crimes. All the shootings, we have homicides and things of that nature.”

OCSO 6-month crime stats by year:

Vehicular Burglary204246236
Grand Theft147176162
Theft of Firearm375344
Child Abuse436473420
Homicide 394
Suicide 91313
Drug Overdose 939996
Elderly Abuse 182729
Robbery Business X02
Robbery Store X01
Robbery Gas Station 101
Robbery Individual 131914
Robbery Home Invasion 132
Robbery Car Jacking X21
Sex Bat 425847
Sex Bat Child 334636
Lewd/ Indecent 101215
Lewd inv. Child 161148168
Sex Offense Other 233617
Sex Offense Prostitution 301

“Probably daily is going to be our property crimes, our burglaries to the vehicles, thefts of firearms, and things like that,” said Genrich. “Which kind of go hand in hand with one another and typically it’s people that are being targeted our unlocked vehicles’ property is just not secure.”

Sgt. Genrish said Destin and tourist areas are the hot spots for car thefts and firearms thefts.

“People come on vacation, they feel it’s a safe place,” said Genrich. “You know their guard is let down because they’re here on vacation, enjoying themselves and they don’t, you know a lot of times take that for granted that serenity that they’re enjoying on their vacation and don’t secure their property properly.”

OCSO has an initiative called Lock, Take, Hide to help cut back on these crimes. Genrich said the social media reminders have helped cut down on criminal behavior.

“We push our lock, take our campaign pretty hard. If you go around to several of our parks, our beach accesses, our business partners, you’ll see our signs that reinforce the lock take hide stance that we have,” said Genrich. “On our social media campaigns for our 9:00 PM routine where we encourage our citizens to lock their property up. Make sure their car doors are locked. Make sure their doors and windows to their homes are locked and secured. Alarm systems activated.”

OCSO Sergeant Kyle Corbitt with the Beach and Marine unit sent DUI and BUI numbers for 2022, 21 and 20.

  • Total BUIs so far for 2022- 77
  • Total BUIs at this point in 2021- 58
  • Total BUIs for 2021- 83
  • Total DUIs so far for 2022- 176
  • Total DUIs at this point for 2021- 258
  • Total DUIs for 2021- 400

As of July 8. OCSO said BUI numbers are breaking a record pace in Okaloosa County waters.