SHALIMAR, Fla. (WKRG) — Going above and beyond the call of duty is what our Smiles Behind the Shield Award is all about. A deputy in Okaloosa County did just that when she used her own money to ensure a woman had a safe place to sleep.

Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Deputy Piaget began reading the letter. “Dear Misty and all, you’re the most compassionate person I’ve ever met. I truly believe you saved my life,” said Piaget.

Letters thanking deputies are not so uncommon, but what came inside one particular card is not usual. “What surprised me was the money,” said Okaloosa County Sheriff Eric Aden.

Deputy Misty Piaget received the card after she went out to a call involving a vacationer named Betty. A dispute left Betty without a place to stay for the night.

“She had a plane ticket the next day,” said Piaget. “We tried to find every solution.”

She took Betty to Waffle House which is where Piaget ran into her boss.

Aden just happened to be there with his family. “And my Mom said oh one of your deputies is coming in to eat and I could tell by that little walk that she has, or that big walk that she has, I said she’s not here to eat Momma, she’s here for business,” said Aden.

Piaget helped the woman call family for help, but after not finding any, she eventually went up to Aden.

“Misty said I’m going to go see if I could find a hotel for her, and Misty, unbeknownst to me was getting money out of the ATM out of her own account to try and secure a room for her,” said Aden, when recalling the situation.

“And on their wage, and the earnings that they make, it says a lot because that was a lot of money for her,” said Aden. Shortly after, Misty got a card in the mail which read:

“Dear Misty and all, you’re the most compassionate person I’ve ever met. I truly believe you saved my life. Thank you and the sheriff, and all the sheriff’s department for being so kind. Please take this and take all the department for coffee or a drink. If you won’t do that, then save it to help another person in any way you can. You’re the best. This is for returning money for the hotel. God bless you and the entire Okaloosa Sheriff’s Department. I think that your department is the best I’ve ever encountered.”

Betty’s letter to Piaget

WKRG News 5 asked Piaget what she did with the money. “I donated it back to our department, our star charities. That goes and helps other deputies in need,” said Piaget.

Piagets chose to pay it forward. “This is not just a job for me, it is a call for service for me,” said Piaget.

Deputy Misty Piaget went above and beyond the call of duty and that’s why we honor her with our Smiles Behind the Shield Award.