CRESTVIEW, Fla. (WKRG) — Downed power lines and trees scattered streets in south Crestview Wednesday morning following severe weather.

Residents south of Interstate 10 said they saw the brunt of the storm. Trampolines flew across neighborhoods and massive trees split, falling on houses and storage sheds.

Conor Driver Damage

“Everything got really loud. You could hear the wind rustling probably right before 7:00 AM, and then I had a kid come running into my room and start screaming that the grill was circling on the deck and I told everybody to get away from the window. After everything calmed down, my other son looked out the front window and out the back and was like mom, there’s a trampoline in the yard! So I’m glad everyone is OK,” said Cheryl Singleton on Conor Dr. “Fences are down. It looks like the roofing is messed up. But it’s mainly fencing, a lot of fences. It looks like for the most part people did get a lot of damage this morning.”

Kensington Court Damage

Windsor Circle Damage

Power went out for most of the neighborhood around Windsor Cir.

North of the Interstate, damage reports from the National Weather Service said trees fell on Main Street.

A gas station off HWY 85 and Mirage Avenue has siding stripped from the building and security cameras broken down.

At 11:00 am, more than 1,000 homes were without power. Pike and other electrical companies were seen in the area trying to restore the outages.

Residents said Okaloosa Gas was also in the area Wednesday morning surveying any damage to the gas lines.