DESTIN, Fla. (WKRG) — The Emerald Coast Association of Realtors in Okaloosa and Walton counties pulled in $11 Billion in sales in 2022. ECAR President Jor Capelotti said 2023 will look the same.

“So we believe and see that all the numbers point 2023 for our area will continue to be on pace where it was,” said Capelotti. “Things are going to settle slightly in the manner of pricing. Prices obviously will kind of settle where they should be versus where they were. But people were wanting to sell and getting multiple offers was allowing those prices.”

“Prices based on consumers in 2023 are not going to change much. Our area is very much in a very unique location with the tourist industry as well as the military installations as well as the people that live here to support both,” said Capelotti. “So we don’t believe our market will change much over 2023. However, what we are doing is preparing our realtor community to be prepared for 2024, which is where we believe we will feel the biggest impact here on the coast where things may change slightly and agents who have not been as experienced and have gone through the changes in the market will need the help.”

Capelotti said the spring and summer will be the busiest for buying and selling homes.

“Around March or April and Spring will things will start picking up because the military generally moves their members during the summer months because of you know schools and holidays and all of that good stuff,” said Capelotti. “Now couple that with our tourist industry, we get that double impact here, which is why we believe and the statistics point that our market will continue to prosper and do well for our investors as well as our realtor community and hopefully to those looking to still sell and or buy.”

Walton County counted for $6 of the $11 billion price tag of 2022. Capelotti said South Walton is the biggest area of growth for real estate.

“We will probably lose some realtors towards the end of this year, beginning of 2024, simply because it’s that natural attrition rate when it comes to a different market,” said Capelotti. “Experience is going to be really important for customers and those experienced realtors, we’re going to know how to generate those customers and be able to help them the best.”

“The Walton County area, I don’t know whether there’s going to be a growth in the realtor community, but I can guarantee there’s going to be a growth in the people that decide they want to invest and or live in this area because it just continues to grow in that way as it’s going up 331 into Freeport and those areas,” said Capelotti.

ECAR has 5200 realtors in their network.