DESTIN, Fla. (WKRG) — A fence sits on Norriego Point in Destin blocking the public from parts of the harbor beach area.

Norriego Point Beach partially fenced off for development

Norriego Point is the Western tip of Holiday Isle in the luckiest fishing village.

From the water, a floating barrier is blocking the sand from any boats or kayakers looking to enjoy the beach.

Norriego Beach water access closed off

A community organization page called ‘City of Destin News’ shared photos and sparked a conversation about the disruption to beach access.

Mayor Bobby Wagner said the blockade is for a development project approved in 2009 and the new council has no control over the project coming to fruition. The project has been extended for 12 years due to due to Florida State of Emergencies year after year from natural disasters.

The Development has three phases:

  • 1) Roadway/Parking
  • 2) Private Marina (noncommercial docks)
  • 3) Condo – long-term residential building

The City of Destin said the developer is paying for the roadways and construction.

The other side of the project is a promise to build a city park on the property. The developer’s roadway will make for more public parking at the future city park site.

Mayor Wagner said the Florida Department of Environmental Protection is funding the city park amenities and new public restrooms at the Holiday Isle location.

The City of Destin said they are still in talks with the developer to gather a timeline for the construction project.

Heavy machinery was in the area on Friday, March 24 working on the land. Plans have been shared with the city for the marina and condo project.

City staff said they will share more details on the plans when they become available.