NICEVILLE, Fla. (WKRG) — The Okaloosa County School District is launching an anti-vaping campaign this year.

At the School Board’s workshop meeting on Monday, Jan. 9, Superintendent Marcus Chambers discussed the new campaign and future plans to combat teen vaping in the county.

“I’ll say vaping amongst students, I don’t think it’s just to Okaloosa County. I think vaping in general is something that is touching the youth,” said Chambers.

The district is hosting an anti-vaping Public Service Announcement competition for the 2023 spring semester. High Schools in the district will compete to create the best information PSA video about the dangers of vaping. The winning video will win $500.

“Some of our high schools have already started some of their Public Service Announcements just in general already and trying to get the word out on that,” said Chambers.

Chambers also talked to the board about a future proposal to purchase vaping detection devices to be placed in area schools as a deterrent.

“The goal is not to put vaping devices in bathrooms to catch kids and get them in trouble,” said Chambers. “But it is there to be a deterrent and have students think twice about bringing these items to school.”

The board will have to vote to approve that purchase once presented by district staff.

The district is sending a letter home with students to educate and inform parents and guardians about vaping.

“We want to be in communication with parents on the front side before these go into action so they know specifically what we’re trying to do which is help students and keep students in school as well,” said Chambers.

The PSA competition is already underway. The district’s Public Information Office is working with the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office and Emerald Coast Crime Stoppers to advance the message across different platforms.