FORT WALTON BEACH, Fla. (WKRG) — The Okaloosa County Supervisor of Election posted the official results for the March 14, 2023, Municipal Elections.

The only contested races to watch came down to the Fort Walton Beach City Council with 13 active candidates for only four open seats.

Laurel Hill also had four candidates to fill three slots on City Council.

Unofficial results as of March 14, 2023:

Fort Walton Beach City CouncilPercentageVotes
Brandon Bishop (NON)2.06%173
Gloria DeBerry (NON)12.84%1,077
Ryan Hartman (NON)5.05%424
Jason E. Harwell (NON)2.74%230
Amy Jamieson (NON)4.76%400
Jared “Bryce” Jeter (NON)16.83%1,414
Nathan Kelley (NON)5.46%459
Kirby Locklear (NON)6.37%535
M.G. Moran (NON)4.26%358
Larry Patrick (NON)13.33%1,120
Debra “Debi” Riley (NON)8.37%703
Gareth A. Stearns (NON)6.38%536
T. Payne Walker (NON)11.56%971

The Supervisor of Elections said 8,400 votes were cast for the Fort Walton Beach City Council Race.

The unofficial results show DeBerry, Walker, Jeter and Patrick with the win against incumbents Locklear, Moran and Kelley.

Laurel Hill City CouncilPercentageVotes
Debra Adams (NON)16.75%33
Shawn D. Cogan (NON)16.24%32
Kristine Gaskin (NON)32.99%65
Jacob Locke (NON)34.01%67

The elections office counted a total of 197 votes for Laurel Hill.

For voter turnout, the results show a 17.41% with 2,391 votes out of a registered 13,736.

The Supervisor of Elections said an audit for both the City of Laurel Hill and the City of Ft Walton Beach will be held at 4 pm on Thursday, March 16, 2023.