NICEVILLE, Fla. (WKRG) — Jasmine Lane, a teacher at James E. Plew Elementary School in Niceville, is one of 30 educators nationwide to be awarded a Best-In-Practice recognition from the Curriculum Associated programs.

Curriculum Associates specializes in I-Ready data analysis for mathematics and reading across the county.

“I am honored to have been selected for the Extraordinary Educators program by Curriculum Associates!” said Lane. “To be recognized for the growth my students have made and the ways I’ve engaged them in their instruction is very encouraging! I’m looking forward to learning new strategies to implement that will continue to bridge gaps in learning and provide enrichment to my students who need to be challenged.”

The Extraordinary Educators are selected based on using the I-Ready data in the most efficient and effective way for their students.

“I use my data to meet my students where they are and to plan around their needs,” said Lane. “I review i-Ready‘s FL Benchmark tool to see how my students performed on each benchmark prior to teaching so that I know how to pace my instruction and classroom assignments.”

Curriculum Associates said they are used in the majority of Florida schools as well as educational programs across the nation.

“Teachers are true rockstars,” said Emily McCann, vice president of educator community at Curriculum Associates. “This year’s Extraordinary Educators are no exception—they were chosen from hundreds of nominations and represent the best of the best. We are happy to recognize and celebrate Jasmine and Jonathan for their amazing work in the classroom and look forward to providing them with ongoing professional learning and networking opportunities to help them continue to grow their craft.”

Review the other teaches from 22 states selected for the Extraordinary Educator class online.

Curriculum Associated said their data is used to pinpoint specific student needs and help teachers deliver personalized instruction in district classrooms.