CRESTVIEW, Fla. (WKRG) — A new splash pad opened Wednesday afternoon in downtown Crestview.

The shooting sprinkler system is right off Wilson Street NE and Beech Drive by the Newman C. ‘Buddy’ Braken building. The City of Crestview said the splash pad project totaled $27,000 funded solely by the Crestview Rotary Club.

The splash pad sits on a newly constructed lot from a Community Redevelopment Agency project. The former Piggly Wiggly location was bought by the County to transform downtown into a more modern and useful zone.

“Decided to buy it, tear it down and the city went in conjunction with the CRA and said you buy it, we’ll tear it down and then we’ll have a joint function to create a park here and so we work together to do that,” said JB Whitten, Mayor of Crestview.

Alongside the new splash pad, the CRA added a new parking lot, steampunk-themed bathroom facility and an electrically powered sound stage.

CRA director Elizabeth Roy said her favorite part of the splash pad is having something new in downtown for families to use.

“Getting kids downtown when we have events, ’cause Main Street isn’t doing a lot of events downtown. So once we get that done and the kids will have a place to go when there are more adult things going on,” said Roy.

City of Crestview staff and rotary club members said the projects are not done yet. The groups are adding a playground to the park.

“So it’s the partnerships that are very important to me, very important to the city of Crestview, very important to our county so I’m glad to see it finally come to fruition,” said Whitten.

City leaders cut the ribbon to open the park Wednesday, July 27.