DESTIN, Fla. (WKRG) — The Destin City Council voted Monday night to approve a major development order to build a new Publix shopping center off Main Street.

The grocery store chain is set to close on the Old Time Pottery Location in May of 2023. Development plans state the construction will tear down and rebuild structures in the 20-acre lot. The address for the project is 757 & 761 Harbor Blvd in Destin.

The town’s old movie theatre and lots to the Southwest of the Old Time Pottery building are also to be demolished.

According to the development order, all existing buildings, pavement and most of the existing utilities will be demolished and removed. In its place will be a 69,000 sqft lot featuring a Publix grocery store, Publix liquor store and extra retail spaces to the east.

The new shopping center will have updated parking with 320 spaces, sidewalks, landscaping and expanding the stormwater retention pond. The development said they will raise the entire area to ground level, keeping all utilities underground.

Jennifer Losurdo, Genesis Engineering Collaborative presented the project to the council Monday night.

“We are excited about scraping the entire thing and bringing back something new and lively,” said Losurdo.

The lot leading into Old Time Pottery and the shopping center has three entrances, Publix will construct the lot to have two entrances, one at the Main Street light, and the second to the south.

The construction will be done in phases. The first to tear down existing structures and build the grocery store. Renderings also show a large landscaped green space to the west, approximately nine acres, that would be held until future developments are made and approved.

Project representatives at the council said Publix will be open in May of 2024.

“My vision for that place is to be more than just a shopping center,” said Mayor Gary Jarvis. “At a minimum, I was hoping it would look like Grand Boulevard does with a lot of trees and green islands.”