DESTIN, Fla. (WKRG) — A collection more than 40 years in the making is up for sale in Destin. Patricia Smyth and her husband James Anthony Smyth collected thousands of Britain, Barclay and Manoil figurine toys currently on display for an Estate Sale.

Chris Schaefer, owner of Destin Estate Sales said he is very familiar with toy figurine collections, but Patricia’s is different.

“I’ve seen a dozen, I’ve seen two dozen. I’ve never seen 1,000 of the toy soldiers and the figures,” said Schaefer. “I’m from Maryland so up there you see a lot more vintage toys than you do down in Florida. People have retired and sold their collections off when they come here, so normally they don’t retain it. I’ve never seen one this big.”

Vintage toys like ones made by Britain date back to the 1800s. At first, hollow toy soldiers were made out of lead before the company took off into a mass-producing toy manufacturer.

Patricia passed away in 2014 and James recently moved to Virginia with other family members.

James Anthony and his son James Frederick Smyth spoke with WKRG News 5 on Tuesday. James Anthony said he and Patricia traveled the country gathering figurines. James Anthony said his wife then worked with a man in Ohio to find rare items around the globe.

“It just meant a lot to me and to my wife, she loved them,” said James Anthony. “Everywhere we went in the country or overseas she would, well we’d end up looking in businesses for Britain. From toy farm animals or whatever, from the littlest quarter-inch piece of pale for the pot or something like that. And she was relentless in looking at and looking up something.”

There is no way to know how much Patricia spent on the thousands of figurines over the decades. Schaefer said he hopes to sell the collection as a whole for $5,000 to $7,000, but it comes down to what someone’s willing to pay.

“You’ve got to reach these little smaller markets and the little collectible markets and try to find that buyer that wants the whole set,” said Schaefer. “Everybody else is going to want to come in and buy a piece or two at a time, save, resell them on eBay, you know, put them in their store, put in their shops. The goal here is if I can keep it all together, I think it’ll command a greater price and it’ll be great for the new owner as well.”

Schaefer said he will be open to selling items individually after the first few days of operation. Some of the items remain in the original packaging.

“There are so many because they’re related to trips that we took,” said James Anthony. “My son took us to London and we were very excited about finding some originals there. And I, I think we found some, but I can’t, it’s too far back for me to recall.”

The estate sale runs from Thursday to Saturday in the heart of Destin. A review of other items up for sale is listed online.

The address for the home can be found on the Destin Estate Sales website. The address will be released the day before the sale begins.