DESTIN, Fla. (WKRG) — Lemonade stands are in full swing in Destin, Fla. On Monday, a group of seven kids passed out homemade lemonade on the corner of Benning Drive and Kelly Street.

The five boys started selling lemonade on June 6 off Calhoun Avenue. They decided to change shop location to Benning and Kelley to get more business.

Boys Vs Girls:

Two of the boy’s sisters, Grace and Kendall decided to take the business into their own hands. Monday they set up a table across the road, competing with the boys for most cups sold.

Both groups passed out lemonade and candy to people walking and driving by. The two teams made signs and sell cups of lemonade for $1.

The boys were ahead Monday night, making more than $200 during the day. The kids plan to use the money for fishing gear, summer-fun tickets and will donate some to charity.

Lemonade stands have also popped up on Beach Drive from time to time. The Benning and Kelly group said they expect to work the stand until the end of June. The two moms standing guard said it just depends on their attention span.