DESTIN, Fla. (WKRG) — June 2022 set the hottest day record for the Destin area, according to the National Weather Service. With higher temperatures, the number of calls for air conditioning and ice machine repairs increased.

Destin Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration has more than 35 years in the business. Owner Russell Fife said June 2022 had the highest call volume for service calls in the Destin area.

Fife said the most common repair being done this summer is draining cooling lines and replacing capacitors. He said owners can stay on top of the drainage lines by checking them once a month to prevent problems during the hottest part of the year.

Davis Street with Executive Air said another tip for residents is to change their air filter every month to keep it running smoothly.

“Especially in the summer,” said Street. “The more they run, the more air obviously is passing through them. The dirtier those filters are going to get.”

Other tips include rinsing off coils on the system to combat the saltier air from the coast.

“Keeping your outdoor coil rinsed off is something that even a homeowner can do on their own with their garden hose,” said Street. “Just spray off that outdoor coil. What that does is we’ve got a salty, corrosive environment, so if they’re keeping that salt rinsed off of their outdoor coil It’s gonna really help.”

Both companies said technicians are working three or more jobs every day. Owners are asking customers to be patient and always get a second opinion. Day-of calls are still being taken for emergencies, but some businesses around the area are booking services days in advance.

“You know heat index is over 100. You could definitely get an increase in calls from people that realize suddenly their system can’t keep up, said David Street with Executive Air. “So we definitely got more calls in June than we typically would have. We actually had a record a month for us.”

Fife said jobs with a local company similar to his can run anywhere from $120 and up. Other companies such as Executive Air said prices for repairs start at around $300. Full replacement of units can be anywhere from $6,000 or more.