DESTIN, Fla. (WKRG) — Harbor Docks opened the gates early for the 27th annual thanksgiving celebration. More than 50 volunteers prepared 1,800 meals to give out for free.

Mrs. Claus, a Habitat for Humanity volunteer, was in attendance serving food and accepting donations.

“We’ve had people from Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, we’ve had people from all over,” she said.

The profits will be given to Destin Harvest and Habitat for Humanity.

Some people coming through took the prepared meal in exchange for other family activities.

“We already went out for a bike ride and went to the park, my wife just had surgery, so we are bringing her back some food,” said one driver Scott Rudloff.

With the meal taken care of by local restaurants, volunteers are spreading a thanksgiving message.

“It’s about giving back and giving of yourself to make someone else feel better,” Mrs. Claus said.