OKALOOSA COUNTY, Fla. (WKRG) — The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office said they arrested a 27-year old school nurse for “stealing prescription medication from several students and replacing their medications with aspirin or Aleve,” according to a release from the OCSO.

Makayla Crandall, 27, of Niceville, was hired at Destin Middle School in July 2022.

According to the arrest report, Crandall’s job duties included “daily first aid for students, receiving controlled substances from students’ parents, maintaining records of controlled substances, securing the controlled substances, and administering the controlled substances to students at specific times.”

In September, a student noticed a difference in the color and imprint of her pill and told her mom. The mom told deputies “she had observed distinct differences in her child’s behavior.”

On September 27, the student’s mom came to the school because her daughter “got sick and felt nauseous and hot as if she was going to pass out.” Crandall and the mother were texting later that day and Crandall allegedly told the mother “there are different manufactures which can have different imprint on pills.” This did not make sense to the mother because the mother hand delivers the same pills her daughter takes at home to the school.

On Oct. 3, the mother contacted the principal at Destin Middle School and asked for her to go to Crandall’s office and find her daughter’s medication. The principal was able to grab the student’s pill bottle and found one Aleve pill.

On Oct. 4, school employees and the school resource officer “forced entry” into the medication cabinet. They conducted a full audit of the medication and discovered 110+ missing pills from at least five different students.

Of the five pill bottles that were supposed to have Adderall or Focalin, only two had pills in them. One had one Aleve pill and another had seven yellow pills with the imprint “L,” which was later discovered to be Aspirin.

Randall was interviewed and admitted to taking Adderall for “personal use” but said she “had a valid prescription,” but she denied taking the pills, someone else forcing her to take them or someone else taking them, according to the arrest report. Randall could not explain to deputies why there were pills missing or how pills were changed out in the bottles.

“Based on the investigation, the defendant willfully and intentionally and without permission took medication from at least three student Victims,” reads the arrest report. “The defendant was the primary and sole person to have access to the medicine cabinet. In addition, the defendant’s negligence and failure to maintain accurate records of pills missing, resulted in behavioral changes in the victim’s as a result of pills (Aspirin and Aleve) being replaced in their bottles.”

Crandall is being held at the Okaloosa County Jail with a $9,000 bond. Crandall was charged with the following:

  • Three counts of grand theft of a controlled substance
  • Five counts of child neglect
  • One count of failure to maintain narcotics record