DESTIN, Fla. (WRKG) — Okaloosa County deputies arrested a third suspect this week in an armed robbery from January 2021.

Cornelius Donaldson of Fort Walton Beach is accused of robbing a man on January 13, 2021, inside the Palms of Destin condominiums. Yohanna Dwyer and Elijah Jones also face charges in the case.

According to the arrest report, Donaldson call the victim and told them to meet up at the condo. When he arrived, Donaldson robbed the victim at gunpoint. The victim said Donaldson and Jones took his keys, wallet, cellphone and money while pointing guns at him.

The three suspects then went to the victim’s car taking a pink-handled gun and a yellow toolbox containing state-allowed medical marijuana, according to the arrest report. The victim said Donaldson let the victim leave in his car and threatened to hurt his family if he told police what happened.

OCSO said the victim identified Donaldson from a photo lineup. Investigators tested DNA found on a cigarette pack in the victim’s car. That DNA came back a match for Donaldson. Deputies arrested Donaldson on June 22, 2022. Donaldson faces adult kidnapping, armed robbery, grand theft and more charges.