DESTIN, Fla. (WKRG) — Teams from two local law enforcement agencies plus a team from United States Air Force SERE School completed the maritime search and rescue training with the US Coast Guard, according to a news release provided by the Coast Guard.

Teams consisted of first responders from Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office, Destin Fire Department, and the United States Air Force SERE School.

The training was a week-long course specializing in search and rescue designed to strengthen partnerships and promote mission success in the Search and Rescue mission.

Instructors from the United States Coast Guard, stationed in Destin, conducted the “Boat Operator Search and Rescue” (BOSAR) training. BOSAR is a nationally accredited curriculum that allows federal, state, and local responders to work seamlessly together in responding to mariners in distress.

First responders are also equipped with training in tactics and techniques needed to locate and rescue people at sea.

The training is designated as the National Standard for maritime first responders provided by the Coast Guard.

First responders spend many hours of waterborne drills and scenario-driven exercises within the training. This training not only tests responders but their equipment underwater as well.