DESTIN, Fla. (WKRG) — Rachel Kurth and her husband Matt have sparked a new tradition in Northwest Florida.

‘Egg My Yard’ started during the COVID-19 pandemic. Kurth offered orders of pre-filled easter eggs to hide in people’s yards.

“Whenever COVID hit, we wanted to be able to bring the holiday to families who were still pretty scared to leave the home to go to the grocery stores and so forth,” said Kurth. “So we decided to take it upon ourselves and deliver the eggs to homes, whether they were scattered or left at the door. That way the next morning when the kids woke up or adults up, they had candy-filled eggs throughout the yard.”

The egg orders start at $45 for 50 eggs and can go up to 2,000 eggs.

“100 egg count for $90. 150 eggs for $125, 200 eggs for $165 and it just goes up from there,” said Kurth. “We also offer gift baskets because you really don’t want to store. We will have a little bag put together that has the chocolate bunny, peeps, can’t forget the Robin eggs, sweet-tart ropes, and bunny gum. And then if you’re really feeling extra-fun. we have an extra-extra-large mystery egg that will be filled.”

Rachel and Matt spend the night of Easter Eve driving around hiding eggs in front yards. Matt dresses up in an easter bunny costume making for fun ring videos and security footage to show children.

Kurth said they pack the eggs themselves with candy. The couple was up past 3 am in 2021 delivering eggs.

“Depending on how many eggs we have to fill, typically about two to three days in advance,” said Kurth. “I’ve never counted how many hours it takes, but it does take quite some time to get those eggs open and have to snap them shut. Snapping them close is usually the hardest.”

Rachel and Matt with ‘Egg My Yard’ will provide 20 orders from Destin to HWY 331 (the Freeport Bridge.)

To order, click here or call 850-225-7969.