DESTIN, Fla. (WKRG) — A 39-millimeter (yes we said milli) lionfish now holds the smallest fish record for the Emerald Coast Open.

A haul that small won the Alabama Jammin dive team a $5,000 cash prize.

Hunters captured a total of 13,827 lionfish over the entire tournament including pre-tournament numbers starting in February.

Organizers announced the winners of the world’s largest lionfish Tournament Sunday afternoon at AJ’s Seafood & Oyster Bar.

2022 EOC winners announced:

1. DWM11,623 $10,000
2. LFU1,274 $6,000
3. ALL RILED UP938 $4,000
4. ALABAMA JAMMIN793 $2,000
5. IN THE CLOUDS771 $1,000
6. DOWN & OUT698 $500
1. BIG BLUE436 mm $5,000
2. DWM BLACKCAT431 mm $3,000
3. LFU428 mm $2,000
4. BOTTOM LINE424 mm $1,000
5. ALABAMA JAMMIN422 mm $750
6. DWM1419 mm $500
1. ALABAMA JAMMIN39 mm $5,000
2. BIG BLUE46 mm $3,000
3. DOWN & OUT51 mm $2,000
4. LOOKIN BACK52 mm $1,000
5. HONKY DORY73 mm $750
6. LFU74 mm $500

Divers speared 11,253 in the main two-day tournament on May 13-14, and 2,574 in the pre-tournament.

2022 brought the largest cash prize for teams, along with a number of prizes for pre-tournament divers and event volunteers.

More about Lionfish:

Destin hosted a massive weekend filled with information about the invasive species. The Harborwalk Village held a Lionfish and Libations event to eat the flaky white fish on May 13.

Local marine experts and employees with FWC hosted fish cutting demonstrations and information tables along the harbor throughout the weekend.

Multiple restaurants cooked lionfish dishes for tourists and locals to enjoy.

Lionfish are not native to Flordia, being brought in from Asia around 1995.

The venomous fish eats baby fish on local reefs, disrupting the population growth in the Gulf of Mexico.

Lionfish hunters from around the region are scuba divers, going down deep and killing the fish with a pole spear.