DESTIN, Fla. (WKRG) — Maybe you’ve noticed this while grocery shopping, another round of empty shelves.

From Crestview to Destin, the paper products and cat food have a limit sign to go with them.  One shopper said she hasn’t seen bare shelves in months.

“This is my second time to the store, so I didn’t notice before today,” said Destin shopper Merete Wilbert.

Shoppers like Merete Wilbert are seeing empty shelves of toilet paper with a sign that reads ‘because of supply issues, customers are limited to two of each item in the bath tissue section’. Cat Food has different limits, 10 cans per customer, or two variety packs per customer.

Publix gave several reasons for the shortages in a statement to WKRG that reads:

“The supermarket supply chain is under a lot of stress, impacted by product and labor shortages, demand, record exports, shipping constraints, and inflation. We continue to maintain constant communication with our suppliers; however, various product lines may be out of stock in assorted categories.”

Wilbert said she went in for fruit and veggies Monday, but added extra items to her list after seeing the empty shelves.

“Some time it is hard to fill up so it’s normal but I did take some extra toilet paper since I know that will be empty,” said Wilbert.

More grocery chain stores like Walmart and Winn Dixie also show shortages of similar products, but have not released s statement about the dwindling shelves.