DESTIN, Fla. (WKRG) — Capt. Gary Jarvis attended his last Destin City Council meeting as Mayor Monday night but said he is far from done when it comes to advocating for the city.

“I just want to thank everyone that’s been involved in this governmental process since I was newly elected mayor. I want to thank our City Council, the previous one, and the one that’s sitting at the table today. Especially, I want to thank our staff that was, you know so supportive of everything that we tried to do here. But more importantly, I want to thank the public, the people that put me in office, and the folks, especially the folks here tonight, that have been involved in the legislative and in the process of making Destin a really good place to live, and not being satisfied with where we are today, but really focused on where do we go tomorrow,” said Jarvis.

Capt. Gary Jarvis served for 4 years and 8 months as Mayor. He looked back Monday night on long-term projects he started with the city.

“You know we started the beach access buyback program, and that’s not just buying beach for access, even though it’s a generational thing that will never go away, our residents and our visitors will have that access for generations to come, and it was sorely needed. But more importantly, buying that beach is what feeds the economic engine of Destin. It pays for itself and it protects the Destin brand so you and your children and your children’s children can always count on this community growing and being proactive and being fruitful financially because we have a special brand here, that’s like no other anywhere in the country. I would like to see us finally finish a crosstown connector. It’s been in the works for a number of years and we’re right on the cusp. In fact, it’s on the agenda tonight that we see that through because that, unlike the beach access, which benefits both tourism and our local residents, that crosstown connector is going to benefit the people that live and work and play here, more than any business,” said Jarvis. “We started the process of undergrounding Hwy 98 and changing our view corridor. It’s a monumental task. It’s expensive, but it’s. Going to set destiny on the course as we underground the rest of our community. That’s going to change Destin forever.”

As the voters decide on a new Mayor Tuesday night’s General Election, Mayor Jarvis left words of encouragement for the council and new city leadership.

“I think this staff and this Council is on the path to create that teamwork and that trust that’s going to perpetuate it into the next decade, and it’s going to allow us to the that task I just laid out of finishing what we started, those are monumental things to do and working as a team, I think this group men and women behind me and men and women that are represented by our staff or city manager, they’re going to make it happen,” said Jarvis.

Capt. Jarvis said he will not be a stranger after his term as Mayor. He still has goals to be completed.

“It’s a revolving door because I’m going to come right back in and get on this side of the podium to be sitting in the seat with y’all and still be involved in my community,” said Jarvis. “I think it’s really important that we finish what we’ve started and that we need doers and that’s not just directed towards our Council, but for the Community as a whole.”

The newly elected mayor will take over on Nov. 28 during the inauguration ceremony at the Destin City Annex.

Two candidates Rodney Braden and Bobby Wagner currently serve on Capt. Jarvis’s City Council.