DESTIN, Fla. (WKRG) — Stickers showing support for Uvalde, Texas are being designed and shipped out of Northwest Florida.

Emily Day Little teaches K-12 art classes and was devastated by the tragic loss of 19 young kids and 2 adults during a school shooting. Little said she could not just sit around and decided to help in a unique way.

Little is designing stickers that are up for purchase. Stickers are $8 a pop. Little said she has already raised more than $320 in less than 24 hours.

“I’ve seen so many of my friends, followers I see on Instagram posting how sad and messed up this is and you know it’s really easy to just say you’re sad but I really wanted to just try and do something where I can actually make maybe a little bit of a contribution from my end,” said Little. “I took kind of maybe a more artistic side, something I’m more familiar with, and trying to figure out a way where I can kind of reach out to the people of my community and send at least funds. In no way making up for it, but just in terms of support. I know there’s just a variety of different things they’re dealing with and I would just never want money to be one of them.”

All of the money is being sent to the families of those lost in the shooting.

“So I found the Robb Elementary Memorial Fund, and you can send a check directly to the address listed, so I just kind of took a picture of it and that’s where I’m gonna plan to send all the money,” said Little.

Little will send the first check after Memorial Day, and every two weeks after that. The shipping cost has been taken off so all of the money spent will go to the memorial fund.

View the 4 designs here:

To order stickers, visit

“I came up with the idea to use stickers that people can get as a visual representation, you know, on a water bottle or other item. To remind them ‘Oh, you know that happened. Let’s remember it.'” said Little. “Let’s try to figure out you know how to solve this issue, how to continue to make it a big thing and not just yet another day and another shooting, and then nothing really gets done.”

Little will add the name of every person who purchased a sticker to the checks being sent to Texas.