PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — News 5 has obtained the arrest report for 53-year-old Henry Steiger, the father of Cassandra Robinson’s one-year-old baby and a suspect in Robinson’s murder.

In the report, Steiger stated that Robinson left their home on East Strong Street after the baby’s first birthday party in February for a much-needed vacation. The report says Steiger gave police that statement on June 27.

Police kept pressing Steiger on where Robinson might have been vacationing. He stated she might be in Bermuda. He said she needed a vacation from the daily routine of taking care of the baby, according to the arrest report. Steiger stated Robinson might have received money to go to Bermuda from a friend. Police say Steiger told them he did not contact Robinson after she left. 

Police asked Steiger what he thought happened to Robinson. “She is either not coming back because something is happening or occurred against her will,” he stated in the arrest report.

Pensacola Police say between July 2 and July 6, search warrants were executed at Steiger’s residence. During the search, items of Robinson’s were found, including her keys, clothing and rings.

During the course of the investigation, police also learned Steiger had a friend named William Johnson. During an interview with police, Johnson says he believed Steiger parked his white cargo trailer on his land sometime in June. The property was located at 65th and Fairfield. 

Johnson gave police permission to search the area. When authorities did, they noticed an odor that smelled like human decomposition coming out of the white cargo trailer. Authorities say the trailer was padlocked, and the keys were discovered at Steiger’s home.

Police say Robinson’s remains were discovered in a green metal drum inside the trailer. Police were able to identify Robinson from tattoos. 

The death was ruled a homicide, but investigators could not determine how Robinson was killed.