NAVARRE, Fla. (WKRG) – Neighbors in one Navarre community say they’re concerned as three dogs running loose have been acting aggressively toward other dogs and children.

Shana Grimes is one of many frustrated neighbors living on Holly Hills Circle right off of Highway 87.

Earlier this week, a camera outside one house recorded video of the three dogs jumping to get a ball from a woman who was holding a child.

“As a parent, that is gut-wrenching,” Grimes said. “We haven’t been able to walk our dogs without being in fear and actually carrying a gun with us.”

In the video, a woman is seen holding a child. The dogs walk up to them with one dog having a ball its mouth. The woman takes the ball but before she can throw it, the dogs start jumping and one jumped up scratching the girl then neighbors ran to help.

“There have been some complaints in the neighborhood for some roaming dogs,” Santa Rosa County Interim Public Safety Director Tom Lloyd said.

The county says it’s responded many times. If they see dogs running loose in the area, they will take them to the shelter but that’s all they can do.

“Contact has been made with the animals’ owner repeatedly,” Lloyd said. “If the animal was taken back to the shelter, the owner came back, paid the appropriate fees, and were able to get their canines back.”

The dogs are from a house down the street. WKRG News 5 was not able to reach the owner for comment Friday afternoon.

Neighbors hope the owner will start doing the right thing.

“It would be nice if the owners actually took responsibility, and if they cannot care for their animal, then they need to give the animal up,” Grimes said.

Lloyd said most of the complaints have been about the dogs being a nuisance, but only one complaint said the dogs were aggressive.

“Now if there’s an imminent threat to life or they acted aggressive… they actually bit someone… things would be handled a little bit different,” Lloyd said.