UPDATE: In her arrest report, police report Bortle admitted to hurting her daughter after an argument about color crayons. The report says she slammed a hospital table into her daughter’s abdomen and leaned on the table, which caused terminal injuries. 

A medical examiner found Jasmine suffered major rib and liver injuries, which were not present when she was admitted into the hospital. 

PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — A Bonifay, Fla. woman is in the Escambia County Jail after investigators say she killed her daughter while she laid in a hospital bed. 

Jessica Bortle, 34, is charged with negligent manslaughter. 

Pensacola Police say on July 8, 14-year-old Jasmine Singletary was taken to Ascension Sacred Heart by Bortle due to an infection. 

Pensacola Police say Jasmine was a “special needs” patient with a neuromuscular disorder. 

She was admitted to the hospital after doctor’s discovered an infection, according to PPD. 

While at the hospital, Pensacola Police says Jasmine lost consciousness and died despite life-saving measures. 

A medical examiner discovered she had suffered major internal injuries to her ribs and liver. These injuries were not present when she was admitted, according to police. 

Police would not say how the injuries occurred.

Pensacola Police investigators interviews Bortle. They say they determined Bortle committed the injuries that caused Jasmine’s death.

Bortle was arrested in Bonifay Saturday and then booked into the Escambia County Jail on Monday. 

Her bond was set at $500,000. If convicted, Bortle could face 30 years in prison.

Correction: An initial police press release stated the victim was taken to the hospital for a routine medical procedure. Police later clarified that was incorrect. Police say the victim was taken to the hospital due to an infection.