PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — Months after the legislative session ended, more than 30 new laws will take effect in Florida this Sunday, Oct. 1.

One law will allow judges to impose the death penalty when sentencing people convicted of the rape of a child under 12 years old.

“In Florida, we think that the worst of the worst crimes deserve the worst of the worst punishment,” Governor Ron DeSantis said.

Another law establishes a three-year mandatory minimum prison sentence for people who make, sell or deliver fentanyl products that look like candy or vitamins. Adults who give them to minors could face life in prison along with a $1 million fine.

“That is just fundamentally wrong and it’s evil and if you do that, you’re going to spend the rest of your life rotting in prison,” DeSantis said. “You do need to hold the people accountable who are dealing this stuff and they need to be treated like murderers.”

Another law relates to who can operate golf carts. Teenagers won’t be allowed to drive golf carts on public roads without a valid driver’s license or learner’s permit. Every driver must have a valid government issued photo ID.

Below are other laws taking effect October 1:

Criminal Justice

  • HB 67: Protection of Specified Personnel (Companion bill SB 174)
  • SB 232: Exploitation of Vulnerable Persons (Companion bill HB 603)
  • HB 319: Interference With Sporting or Entertainment Events (Companion bill SB 764)
  • HB 329: Electronic Monitoring of Persons Charged with or Convicted of Offenses Involving Schools or Students (Companion bill SB 496)
  • HB 331: Liens and Bonds (Companion bill SB 624)
  • HB 431: Solicitation of Minors to Commit Lewd or Lascivious Act (Companion bill SB 486)
  • HB 825: Assault or Battery on Hospital Personnel (Companion bill SB 568)
  • HB 1047: Offenses Against Certain Animals
  • HB 1263: Criminal Sentencing
  • HB 1297: Capital Sexual Battery (Companion bill SB 1342)
  • HB 1359: Offenses Involving Fentanyl or Fentanyl Analogs (Companion bill SB 1226)
  • HB 1367: Unlawful Dumping (Companion bill SB 1368)
  • HB 1375: Battery by Strangulation (Companion bill SB 1334)
  • HB 1465: Firearm and Destructive Device Offenses (Companion bill SB 1456)
  • SB 7016: Department of Corrections (Companion bill HB 929)

Community Affairs

Banking and Insurance

Children and Families

  • SB 7000: OGSR/Current or Former Public Guardians (Companion bill HB 7037)
  • SB 1210: Public Records/Human Trafficking Victims (Companion bill HB 841)

Government Oversight and Operations

  • HB 535: Funeral Service Benefits for Public Safety Officers
  • HB 1611: City of Bartow, Polk County
  • SB 2500: Appropriations (Companion bill HB 5305)
  • HB 7003: OGSR/Water Management District Surplus Lands (Companion bill SB 7004)
  • SB 7006: OGSR/Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network (Companion bill HB 7001)
  • HB 7007: OGSR/Security and Fire safety System Plans (Companion bill SB 7040)
  • SB 7008: OGSR/Building Plans, Blueprints, Schematic Drawings, and Diagrams (Companion bill HB 7009)
  • SB 7022: OGSR/Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission/Safe-school Officers (Companion bill HB 7029)
  • HB 7031: OGSR/Address of a Victim of an Incident of Mass Violence (Companion bill SB 7012)

Health and Human Services

  • HB 959: Dosage Form Animal Health Products (Companion bill SB 1056)
  • HB 967: Medicaid Coverage of Continuous Glucose Monitors (Companion bill SB 988)


  • SB 708: Estoppel Letters (Companion bill HB 743)
  • HB 919: Homeowners’ Associations (Companion bill SB 1114)
  • SB 942: Authorization of Restrictions Concerning Dogs (Companion bill HB 941)
  • HB 7035: OGSR/Citizens Property Insurance Corporation/Cybersecurity Data and Information (Companion bill SB 7042)


  • SB 838: Proceeds Funding Motorcycle Safety Education
  • HB 949: Operation of a Golf Cart
  • HB 965: Driver License, Identification Card, and Motor Vehicle Registration (Companion bill SB 996)