‘House of Pain:’ Pensacola couple share experiences with their haunted estate

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PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — We shared a story about a group of Pensacola paranormal investigators and their live ghost investigation happening Halloween weekend. What we didn’t get talk about was the history of the house it will be held at.

Wesley and Sophie Odom bought the home some refer to as “The House of Pain” years ago and tell WKRG News 5 how it all got started.

“We met in the cemetery,” Wesley says.

“Yes we actually did meet in the St. Johns Cemetery,” Sophie adds.

While most people think of cemeteries as a place of death for them it was a place of resurrection and love.

“It seems like a strange and morbid meeting but its a place that is important to both of us,” says Sophie.

The couple soon got married and bought the 120-year-old historic house located on 52 W. Gonzalez Street. Both not really knowing what to fully expect.

“The house was acquired in 1998,” says Wesley. “When it was required the idea was that it might be haunted, who knows and it has exceeded my expectations and I think Sophie has been surprised about how many ghost have showed up here.”

A surprise is a little bit of an understatement. After completely renovating the estate they ran into many paranormal encounters.

“We heard things….seen things fly from the air. The most scared I have ever been though was when I was walking up the back stairs and the light switch turned itself on and then turned itself off and then turned itself on and then off. I mean it was a rapid fashion… Like click, click, click, click, click,” Wesley says.

It’s not just them who have felt a presence, Sophie tells WKRG about one of the first times they had Wesley’s parents over.

“They had not yet my child and at the end of the conversation they said why haven’t you introduced me to Sophie’s child and I said well because they are with their dad,” says Sophie. “They said ‘no no I just saw a little girl walk down the hall’ and it was a noon on a Sunday and it wasn’t ghost hunting weather. It wasn’t transparent it wasn’t a shadow he thought someone was here.”

The Odom’s say they don’t experience the things you would typically think about.

“Like you expect that you are going to hear or see a ghost which happens but you don’t expect that you’ll smell a ghost. Let me give you an instance sometimes you will get a whiff of bread bacon or you’ll be cooking spaghetti and you’ll smell lylax. But they really do find ways to communicate with you that aren’t typical,” Sophie says.

Some people might think it’s crazy to live somewhere known to be haunted… but for the Odom’s it’s what they call home.

“As I look at it. It was their house first anyways,” says Wesley. “Certainly don’t be skeptical about anything but if you experience it as much as we have– and you have a dog that runs to the ghost cat and doesn’t get up for anyone in the middle of the night and will run to that exact spot and start sniffing around? I mean really? There’s more to the world than we understand.”

“I’ll be honest I think it’s kind of fun living in a haunted house and have that experience,” Sophie adds.


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