PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — With voting a day away, U.S. Representative Matthew Gaetz said he believes the only way he can lose is if there is low voter turnout.

Leading up to election day, Gaetz held his Liberty Tour at Pensacola State College with Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie, Kimberly Guilfoyle and former President Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., as a last chance to reach voters.

“The only vulnerability for my reelection is low voter turnout,” Gaetz said. “So, we are having this rally to drive awareness that this election is Tuesday, Aug. 23, and if there is high voter turnout, I have every confidence that I am going to be renominated by my party to serve in this district to protect our military, to secure the border and to ensure that the Republican party is a fighting party again. For us to be able to achieve wins for our people, have got to nominate Republicans who are in the battle. That’s where I’ve been for six years, and I can’t wait to do the job for another two.”

Gaetz said this is the most fun he has ever had doing a campaign.

“In large part, because I am getting to do it with my amazing wife,” Gaetz said. “So, we have gone to every corner of this district, and we have really been encouraged and inspired by the Northwest Floridians that still believe that we are a fighting community, and we deserve a fighting congressman. So, while every campaign is special, this will probably be the most special for us.”

In recent political ads, Mark Lombardo, Gaetz opponent has questioned why Trump Jr. is supporting him, stating that Gaetz was the informant that led FBI to raid President Trump’s home at his Mar-a-Lago estate.

“Mark Lombardo’s recent ads are just the string in a very embarrassing campaign he’s run,” Gaetz said. “I have every expectation that he’ll have an embarrassing result tomorrow. His name is Mark Lombardo, but in a lot of ways, he was the mark. Liberal consultants, anti-Trump republicans convinced Mark Lombardo that if he were to spend a million dollars telling lies about me, that he would go to congress, and I think the voters of Northwest Florida are going to have a very different verdict for him tomorrow night.”

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