Food delivery drivers robbed at gunpoint; 2 teens arrested

Northwest Florida

PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — An investigation is underway after several food delivery drivers have reported being robbed at gunpoint in the past five days. 

There were four robberies reported within half a mile of one another. 

“That’s kind of frightening,” Alexis Williams said. “I was pretty scared when my mom told me about it.”

Alexis and her mother Kimberly Williams live in the Montclair neighborhood just off of Massachusetts Avenue. They were shocked to hear about the robberies that happened just a few houses down from them.

“We were heading home,” Alexis said. “We got stuck across the railroad track in heavy traffic. We saw I think two police. They were going by really really fast.”

That’s how she describes what she saw Tuesday night as two teenagers were being arrested. Those teens being charged are Ernest Hurst, 18, and Ny’Gel Bonner, 17.  

“He walked out at the wrong time,” Collinishia Bonner said. “He walked out the house at the wrong time.”

Collinishia is Ny’Gel’s sister and she says he’s innocent although the Domino’s driver identified him in a photo lineup. 

“That’s one thing about it,” she said. “We got the same blood. I know him. I know him like the back of my hand and I raised him like he was mine so I know my brother and I know when he’s lying. He said I don’t even know what these people are talking about.”

A robbery was reported Friday by a pizza delivery driver at a trailer home just a few down from where Hurst lists his address at 901 Massachusetts Avenue. 

Two pizza drivers were robbed at the same house at 4503 Landes Drive Saturday and Sunday. The Domino’s driver backed up to his car with a gun in his face. He said he tried to grab his own gun out of his car but the men tackled him and beat him in the head. 

The two teenagers were arrested Tuesday night after a Chinese food delivery driver was robbed outside a house on Monpellier Drive on the next street over. 

Hurst and Bonner are still in jail and investigators expect to make more arrests in this case. 

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