Voting officials in Florida are reporting a relatively robust turnout for a primary.  The turnout is setting up what will likely be close elections for November.  

When you talk about primaries the turnout is relatively low compared to general elections.  The silver lining here is that the turnout for this primary was the highest it’s been in Florida since 2002.  According to data from the Florida Secretary of State’s office, voter turnout for the state stands at 27.34%.  In our area, Escambia exceeded the state percentage with a turnout of 30.82%.  Okaloosa and Santa Rosa Counties are both reporting turnouts that are slightly below the statewide total.  Still turnout for a primary is low compared to what it will likely be in the general election.  Voters say they’d always like to see more people at the polls.  

“It’s kind of sad really, because it’s our responsibility to, even though it may be a primary we still need to get the right guys elected to be able to vote for,” said voter Phil Musgrave.  The high profile governor and Senate races helped motivate a lot of voters to hit the polls Tuesday or vote early.