ESCAMBIA COUNTY, Fla. (WKRG) — It’s now day 13 since the tragedy of the Surfside complex collapsing and we are still learning how Escambia County is helping in every way they can. 

The county has sent down its mobile command center also known as “THOR” since the tragedy and recently announced it will be extending it’s stay. 

“THOR” is one of the only few larger command centers in the state of Florida and is vital to Miami right now as more than hundred people are still missing. Escambia, along with others, have sent down their top-notch equipment to help as much as they can.

Escambia County Emergency Service Manager Eric Gilmore says, “Jacksonville. they sent their command center down and is a duplication of what we have. Miami-Dade have a command center down there as well, and then ‘THOR.’ So there’s only 3 of them in the state of Florida.” 

The 18-wheeler is equipped with satellite, voice over IP capabilities and radio dispatch communications and is now staying a little bit longer.  

Gilmore says, “Originally it was going to be a ten-day deployment and after the state had gotten down there and started the lone logistical needs of the area and have asked us to extend it to July 30th because it has been very beneficial and helpful.”

Gilmore says in the state of Florida, it’s understood by every county to lend a helping hand no matter what. Adding “THOR” is providing services that are much needed right now.

“They do have limited space down there,” says Gilmore. “There’s not enough workable space to actually house everybody who actually who needs to be in the meetings. So having ‘THOR’ in that space to be able to do that and get all the operators in one area and get your tactical and operational meetings is imperative.”

Escambia County Public Safety says they will be helping Miami for however long they need.  

As of right now, 32 people are confirmed dead and 113 people are still missing.