PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — After years of failing grades, Escambia County Public Schools was forced to either shut down Warrington Middle School, or transition it to a charter school. The district announced its agreement with Charter Schools USA Wednesday, converting the school Warrington Preparatory Academy.

Charter Schools USA is looking for the community’s support during this transition. 

“Charter Schools USA is not here to come in a swoop in to be the saviors,” said Eddie Ruiz, Florida State Superintendent of Charter Schools USA. “This is going to be a team effort it’s going to be a hard task. A monumental task. Everybody’s going to have to do this together and it won’t happen overnight, but if everyone’s in it for the right reasons and committed to this community and our students here in Warrington then we’re going to be successful.” 

Ruiz says the new school will focus on small group instruction. 

“It’s a different mentality of ‘how,'” said Ruiz. “Really shifting the focus from teacher owning everything. Students are going to have to start owning their instruction.”

All students zoned to Warrington Middle School will automatically be accepted at the new Warrington Preparatory Academy.

Charter Schools USA hopes to correct some of the problems the school has faced. 

“What has happened here hasn’t worked,” said Ruiz. “So now we’re trying something different. We believe this new method, this new way we’re going be able to do school will hopefully be the deciding factor to have students succeed.”  

Dates for enrollment sessions have not yet been set but are expected to be held at the school and at other locations in the community next month. 

Charter Schools USA will also be holding a job fair on June 8th from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Residence Inn on Cobble Creek Road in Pensacola, with opportunities available at all levels and positions.