PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — Pensacola’s homeless community was treated to live music and a Thanksgiving feast on Thursday.

The Thanksgiving feast was held at Hollice T. Williams Park, where hundreds of homeless people currently live. It was organized by Fearless Community, an organization aimed at helping the homeless.

The food was prepared by the Waterfront Rescue Mission, Rollin’ In Dough, Barbies Eye Candy Cakery, Joe’s Caribe, and those at Fearless Community.

“Really today is about just bringing love from the community to those in need,” said Melissa Johnson, executive director of Fearless Community Inc. “We’re here just to love on each other and that’s what Thanksgiving is meant for.”

Elijah Carr called the homeless encampment at Hollice T. Williams Park his home last year. For several months, he lived in a car with his girlfriend, who died this year.

“We just couldn’t find work no more,” Carr said. “We got kicked out of our house and lost everything.”

He’s now off the streets thanks to a job offer by Brownsville Assembly of God. Thursday, he served as a volunteer alongside dozens of others, who served turkey and other Thanksgiving favorites to smiling faces.

“This brings tears to my eyes. It really does,” Johnson said. “To see this whole entire event to come through and to hear from the ones at the camps. They haven’t had a meal like this in who knows how long.”

Walter Morgan has lived at the homeless encampment for a few weeks. Morgan said he hopes next Thanksgiving he’s living in a home of his own.

“To let everyone know I came and I rose from this,” he said.