PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — Reducing crime and homelessness are the top priorities people living in Pensacola want to see the city accomplish, according to results of a new survey released Tuesday.

The City of Pensacola and the Haas Center at the University of West Florida conducted a resident satisfaction survey this year.

“We want to be able to read the questions, see what people want, and be able to act accordingly,” Mayor D.C. Reeves.

Regarding crime, 52% of respondents said gun violence is their top concern.

“It’s something that gets a lot of attention, understandably, a lot of headlines,” Reeves said.

Mayor Reeves said by the end of December, ShotSpotter will be up and running. It’s a technology used in other cities including Mobile to track exactly where gunshots are fired.

“With the data from a scene, figure out which direction they shot first, which way, and where people were going and be able to jump on it like that,” Reeves said.

The other priority is to reduce homelessness. More affordable housing is tied with homelessness as the second-highest priority.

The mayor said they’re working to open a new shelter in the city, and they want to transform an old motel, the Pensacola Motor Lodge on West Cervantes Street, into affordable housing.

The mayor said the city is also planning to tear down the Malcolm Yonge Center on East Jackson Street to make room for affordable housing. The building as it sits today, he said, does nothing to enhance the community after it failed a recent structural assessment.

“It’s not that it’s creating any more value to the public good now than it was when I got here, but we want it to create value for the public good which I see as affordable housing, as workforce housing,” Reeves said.

Below are the full results of the resident satisfaction survey: