PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — Spring is upon us and that means spring cleaning. David Fetter, a local business owner with JDog Junk Removal and Hauling, has advice on preparing several rooms for the upcoming hotter seasons by decluttering and donating unwanted items.

Fetter has to say this when decluttering the following rooms:

  •  Entertaining Areas: Everyone knows the kitchen is the heart of the home and where everyone gathers. Clear the flat surfaces in your kitchen and empty and wipe down cabinets, drawers, and pantry. Donate kitchen appliances and nonperishable food items to the local soup kitchen.
  • Guest Bedrooms: Prepare for hosting guests by creating a clean, clutter-free retreat.  Declutter the closet to make room for guests’ stuff. Donate old sheets and towels to homeless and pet shelters.
  • Storage: As you’re pulling out boxes, take stock. Take everything out that’s not organized and in its place. Nearly everyone has disorganized boxes in a closet or storage room. Carefully evaluate your selection, and make plans to donate unwanted items.

When cleaning the house always take it one step, or rather one room at a time, by doing too many at once you’ll burn out and never get anything done. Keep things organized and separate when it comes to what you’ll keep, put in storage, or donate.