PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — For those looking to get into the spooky season this October, look no further than right here in Pensacola with Second Sight Paranormal Investigation’s ghost tours at Seville Quarter.

Second Sight Paranormal Investigations was founded by internationally known psychic and medium Ericka Boussarhane. Boussarhane said she founded the paranormal team to help others understand and resolve their ghostly encounters. Those that are on the team include an attorney, police officer, psychic medium, realtor, pilot, researcher, insurance adjustor, crime analyst, criminal justice majors, paranormal investigators and more. Boussarhane and her team investigate hauntings, urban legends, unsolved mysteries, true crime and paranormal activity across the nation.

Their films can be found on the following platforms: Amazon Prime Video, Paraflixx, Second Sight Paranormal TV Roku Channel, Occultrama, Stream Go Media, Filmzie, Play Now Media, Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple, Xumo, Vimeo, Popsy on Plex, Tubi, BingeHorror, Caliber Video and more.

With Seville Quarter being one of the oldest buildings in Pensacola, Boussarhane said there are several spirits that roam its halls.

“One of the most famous ghosts here goes by the name of Wesley Gibbs,” said Boussarhane. “He unfortunately died in the cooler here and he is often seen and felt on-site by many people across the world that come here. There are children that come to this location that know nothing about the history of Seville and will say they see a little kid in the hallway. We have had women go upstairs in the bathroom and feel very uneasy. Oftentimes, they will see an apparition of a woman that appears to them. Many people over the years have reported different sightings here, but the spirits are definitely here and not just the spirits that you drink.”

Monitors used in ghost hunting.

Since the surrounding area was a port, Boussarhane said she believes that is why it is so haunted.

“There has been much bloodshed in this area,” said Boussarhane. “Seville Quarter, however, is active and I believe the spirits here love the music and love the spirits, so why not be here?”

Team members at Second Sight Paranormal have visited The Gray House, The Victorian Inn, and The Malaga Inn, Wallis Warfield Simpson House, Thomas W. Finch House, Dr. John Bell Home, Seville Quarter Imogene Theatre, Pensacola Lighthouse, St Augustine Lighthouse, Dreamland Skating Rink, DAR House, Coconut Grove, Cove Springs Jail, Nobel Manor, Fort Morgan, Fort Pickens, Fort Blakeley, Pensacola Little Theatre, Swift-Coles Historic Home, The Myrtles Plantation, several private homes and businesses and much more.

Boussarhane said they like to operate in Pensacola because it is the first settlement in America and there are plenty of ghosts to hunt.

“Pensacola actually is the oldest settlement, whether St. Augustine wants to agree with that or not,” said Boussarhane. “We are the most haunted lighthouse and the oldest settlement and there are many spirits down here. Not only are we famous for our ghostly white beaches, but we are also famous for our ghosts. If you have the opportunity to visit Seville Quarter or Pensacola, it will not disappoint.”

Karla Fouts and her family joined Boussarhane on a ghost hunt at Seville Quarter on Tuesday and she told WKRG News 5 she now believes in ghosts after having a connection with her mother at Seville.

“We have always been interested in ghosts,” said Fouts. “We were curious to see if they are real or if they are made up and I think after today, I know it is real. It was great connecting with my mom, because there are so many things that I need answers to, and I think I got a lot of answers today. I feel a lot better about what’s going on. I just really appreciate that she [Boussarhane] helped me today.”

Ericka Boussarhane connects with Karla Fouts’ mother during a ghost hunt on Tuesday.

This Friday, Second Sight Paranormal is hosting Terror in the Theater: Milton’s Haunted Imogene Halloween Attraction and Paranormal Investigation, taking place at the Imogene Theater in Milton. The theater suffered heavy structural damage in January 2009, from a devastating fire but was rebuilt several years later. This does not prevent people from seeing a man walking on the balcony or the ghost of young Imogene Gooch, the daughter of the man who bought the theater in the 1920s and the building’s namesake.

The Halloween Haunted Attraction at the Imogene Theater begins at 10 a.m., and lasts until 6 p.m. One part of the haunted attraction is going to be a Fear Factor section, according to Boussarhane.

“We are going to have it so dark that you aren’t even going to know it’s not night,” said Boussarhane. “One section that no other haunted house will have is a Fear Factor section, where you will be able to eat live bugs and interact with real spiders.”

The ghost hunt at the theater will begin at 7 p.m., and last until 11 p.m. Second Sight Paranormal will provide ghost-hunting equipment.

For tickets to The Imogene Halloween Convention, click here.

The group hosts ghost tours at Seville Quarter every Monday through Friday from 11 a.m., until 2 p.m., and Sundays from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. For more information, click here.

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