PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG)– The sound that signals the coming of Christmas. The Salvation Army of Pensacola set up at Sam’s Club Tuesday morning and rang the bell, reminding customers what the holidays are about.  

Pensacola resident, Debby Malmberg, said she donates every year to The Salvation Army.

“I’ve been very blessed myself, with a good job and relatively good health, and you know none of the circumstances that put you in a situation where you can’t hardly get by on your own, so I always donate,” said Malmberg.

Another Pensacola resident, Angel Leverette, said she loves hearing the bell ring around the holidays and it always reminds her about the true meaning of Christmas.

“The Salvation Army, when I think of them, it means a place that loves helping other people,” said Leverette.

Christmas can be a tough time and the Salvation Army wants anyone struggling to know they are here to help any way they can.

Stephan Wildish, Captain of Salvation Army Pensacola, has been a part of Salvation Army ever since he was a little boy and wanted to carry on the tradition. Wildish said the holidays seem to be most tough when those are in need.   

“Especially during Christmas time, and the holiday season, it’s families,” said Wildish. They have to make a decision, ‘do we put food on the table, or do we put Christmas gifts under the tree?’ For our children and we want to fill that void, we want to help families provide Christmas for their children.”

The Salvation Army in Pensacola has raised $50,000 so far but are hoping to raise $150,000 in donations by Christmas.

All the money that is raised will stay in Pensacola and serve those in need during the holidays.