PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — A Florida state representative and Escambia County commissioner heard complaints of high power bills at a town hall Wednesday night.

“I am just furious over this,” one woman said. “We should not have to change the way we live our lives to accommodate the ability to pay an electric bill.”

“We have some of the highest rates in the country,” one man said.

A few dozen people showed up to a town hall at the Bayview Community Center. Most of them were there to talk about their Florida Power and Light bills.

“I have neighbors whose bills, like mine, went from $100 to $600,” a woman said.

In January, Gulf Power changed to Florida Power and Light. It wasn’t just a new name but a new inverted rate structure that caused bills to go up and customers to protest. However, many said they don’t believe their kilowatt usage is accurate. If that’s the case, Representative Alex Andrade said there are steps to take.

“First thing’s first,” said Andrade. “You’ve got to submit an official claim to the Public Service Commission. Second is contact FPL and ask for a usage audit.”

Commissioner Robert Bender said this week the Escambia County Commission is joining about half a dozen other local governments in sending a letter to the Public Service Commission to ask for them to investigate the new rate increase.

The town hall was open to all topics of discussion. Other topics residents brought up included teacher pay and flood prevention.