PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — After 12 years on the city council, Sherri Myers is running to be Pensacola’s next mayor.

“I have the qualifications,” said Myers. “I have the knowledge of how government works and I have a heart for people and I think that’s the main ingredient, a proven track record.”

We did our interview on South DeVilliers Street which is an area that often floods. Myers said this part of town and other communities with failing infrastructure need to be a priority.

“We look at this area here called the Tanyards and historically, it has been for many many years neglected as are many other communities in the city of Pensacola,” said Myers. “It’s also I think symbolic of systemic racism.”

Myers is a civil rights activist. She’s campaigning on the promise: “No One Left Behind.”

“It really disturbs me when I set, the government particularly, violating the civil rights of citizens whether they’re people with disabilities, women, minorities, homeless people,” said Myers.

As people struggle with rising costs, Myers acknowledges the pain many are feeling as they pay their monthly rent.

“People are really hurting,” said Myers. “The rent is outrageous here.”

She said there’s a severe housing shortage for low-income families and she has a plan to build more affordable housing.

“I think the city should be buying land, particularly in the north end of the city along the North 9th Avenue corridor and I think we should buy land and use that land to incentivize developers,” said Myers. “We have to put some skin in the game.”

She said the city has done a good job of putting the homeless into transitional housing and wants to keep that going.

When it comes to public safety, Myers said police need to have a closer connection to the community.

“I feel that in my district, we don’t have community policing,” said Myers. “Where is it?”

She said to have safe neighborhoods, the city must address derelict properties as well as improve sidewalks and street lighting.

For more information about Myers and her vision for the city, go to her website.

Early voting continues until Saturday. Election day is Tuesday, Aug. 23.

Check this week to learn more about all four candidates who are running to become Pensacola mayor.