PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — D.C. Reeves is the founder of Perfect Plain Brewing Company, a successful downtown business that’s expanded to four locations, and now he’s hoping to become Pensacola’s next mayor.

“Pensacola is really right at the precipice of really amazing things,” said Reeves. “This isn’t a retirement job for me, I want to give the city where I’m from everything I have to make Pensacola the best place it can be.”

Reeves is raising his daughter Caroline here and he said having a safe city for her and all Pensacolians is his first goal.

“Safety is the number one priority for me and you know, without that, our city really erodes,” said Reeves. “No visitors, nobody’s moving back here, nobody’s doing any of those things if we aren’t a safe community.”

Looking at the issue of homelessness, Reeves said for people who want and need help, the city should offer housing and resources to help get them back on their feet.

“If we have folks in this community who want a hand up, and we do, we should enable that,” said Reeves. “We should help bridge that gap for people who want a hand up and they want to get themselves out of that situation.”

Addressing the housing crisis, he said, is a two-part process. First, up the supply to meet the demand. Build more homes and apartments. Second, an initiative focusing on new workforce housing for people like teachers, police officers and nurses.

“It saddens me the idea that these people work for our city, save lives in our city and can’t afford to live in the city,” said Reeves.

Economic development is a passion for Reeves. He said in order to bring in good-paying jobs, the city must first get the talent here.

“The battlefront with every city in the United States is who gets the most talent,” said Reeves. “So we have to enter that battle now. We can do that by having a great place to live, young people want to live there, and when young people move to a city, the big businesses follow suit because you have that young talent pool they can hire.”

Reeves has never held elected office like two of his opponents, but he said his experience as an entrepreneur and CEO gives him an advantage.

“You have 800 employees as mayor,” said Reeves. “You have a $250 million budget. This is a management position, and it takes people with experience of operational management. I don’t put the bullet proof vest on. I empower the people who do put the bulletproof vest on and are the heroes of our community.”

For more about Reeves and his vision for the city, go to his website.

Election day is Tuesday, Aug. 23. Early voting continues through Saturday.