ESCAMBIA COUNTY, Fla. (WKRG) — According to the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, a Pensacola woman was arrested for allegedly throwing two babies on the ground.

Trinity Crenshaw, 20, was charged with two counts of child abuse.

On Dec. 10, deputies responded to a home in Escambia County in reference to a child abuse. A man told deputies he was called by Joseph Sanders, who said they needed to go to the hospital due to Crenshaw throwing his kids to the ground. In the arrest report, the man said he asked Sanders why he didn’t go to the hospital himself, and Sanders said he couldn’t because he had a warrant. The man said he put the children in his vehicle and drove them to the hospital.

Screenshots from Sanders to Crenshaw said “u threw my babies on the ground to,” and Crenshaw replied, “I threw them cuz u were full of [sic].” Deputies said they also saw text messages from Crenshaw which said, “Imma off both of em,” and “Im done with u m you n ur [sic] babies.”

According to the arrest report, the charge nurse at the local hospital said both juveniles were hypothermic when they were brought in and one of them had visible injuries on both sides of her face. The charge nurse also told deputies Crenshaw had been brought into the main Emergency Room with a split lip.

Deputies talked with a witness who said Sanders had been arguing with Crenshaw all day over the phone. He said Sanders asked him several times to take him over to Crenshaw’s house and after a few hours, he did. The witness said after some time, he saw Crenshaw walk out of the residence with one child in each arm, then started yelling at Sanders. During that argument, the witness said he saw Crenshaw throw both children to the ground.

Due to Crenshaw’s lip being split, deputies prepared a warrant for Sander’s arrest, charging him with battery in a domestic violence situation.

Crenshaw was booked into the Escambia County Jail without bond.