PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — After being sodomized with a mop handle, having bleach poured all over her, being physically and emotionally abused, and staying in a behavioral health hospital for two weeks, Solara Voltara is speaking out against brutality towards sex workers.

Voltara said she was released from a behavioral hospital after a two-week stay following two months of abuse from Rodney Hunt. Two weeks ago, Hunt was arrested for battery and sexual battery, after allegedly physically abusing Voltara.

Now, she wants her side of the story told.

Rodney Hunt mugshot
Rodney Wayne Hunt was arrested for sexual battery charges, Aug. 2.

“In June 2019, Rodney Hunt and his wife called me, because I was an escort and porn model and they wanted me to spice up their relationship,” said Voltara. “So, I went and met with them at the Mayfair Hotel. I didn’t know all of this at the time, but the next day, his wife left him.”

Three years later, Voltara said Hunt was responding to her escort ads wanting her to hang out with him, but she refused.

“A couple of weeks later, I needed a ride and two of my friends that I had asked never came through,” said Voltara. “I needed a ride about 130 miles north of here. So, I called Rodney because he had been blowing up my phone. He actually showed up. None of my friends did, but he did. We went to the gas station to fill up his car and it turned out, I didn’t have any money in my bank account. So, he took me back to his house. He didn’t have any power, but he told me if I could turn the power back on, I could stay for a while. I turned the power on, and he gave me my own room. We weren’t romantically involved.”

Two to three weeks later, according to Voltara, Hunt started getting angry.

“It was two to three weeks I had been staying there and I tried to go out and get some money,” said Voltara. “He freaked out on me and started busting the cameras. We had security cameras put up and he started knocking them down with a hammer. So, I said I was going to get out of there. I went to my room, and I started packing all of my stuff in my suitcase and he comes in my room and said that if I was going to leave, I wouldn’t be leaving with my stuff. I apologized and did what he said because he was way bigger than me. I unpacked my stuff because I didn’t see a way out of there.”

A month goes by and Voltara said it was calm, but he flipped out again.

“This time, he beat me up, poured Fabuloso floor cleaner all over me and was threatening me with a hammer if I didn’t take a pill he made stuffed with methamphetamine,” said Voltara. “After he finished beating me, he let me take a shower and I did my hair as best as I could because the floor cleaner had burned some of it, not as bad as this last time though.”

Voltara said another month of calm goes by, but Hunt insists she take homemade pills of dope.

“I lose 30 pounds at least,” said Voltara. “My face was all hollowed out.”

Monday, Aug. 1, rolls around and that is when everything happened leading up to Hunt’s arrest. Voltara said the timeline of events are foggy but had written them down on strips of paper to put them in order.

Scraps of paper with the events of the attack written by Solara Voltara.

“lt was the whole time,” said Voltara. “It was two solid months. He made me watch these videos of little baby monkeys getting murdered by their mother. He made me watch videos of monkeys getting electrocuted. He told me that his job in the military was to torture people to death, pack them on ice, revive them and do that repeatedly and then show them the video of their repeated death and revival so they would spill the beans. He told me that that’s what he was going to do to me.”

According to Hunt’s arrest report, he poured bleach on her body, causing her skin, clothes and some of her hair to burn off. Hunt then ordered Voltara to undress and began to beat the sensitive parts of her body with a mop handle. Investigators were told Hunt sexually assaulted her with a broom handle, and filmed some of the abuse with a camera.

Right after the situation, Voltara said she ran into the woods and slept there that entire night. She said while in the woods, she couldn’t stop thinking that the police were coming after her.

“I was praying that his supposed friend that works for the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office didn’t find me,” said Voltara. “He told me that they would make up a charge and make it stick. I would be in jail forever.”

Looking back on the experience, Voltara said she realized every word Hunt said was used to brainwash her. Hunt was later arrested by Escambia County deputies and booked on sexual battery and battery charges.

Since the attack, Voltara said she has been in the Emerald Coast Behavioral Hospital.

“They took me to my sister’s house in Panama, but she didn’t want me staying with her,” said Voltara. “She told me that I needed to go to the behavioral hospital because I couldn’t sleep. Every time I closed my eyes, I pictured Rodney hitting me, and I would flinch and wake up. It has all been very traumatic, but I’m ready to share my story with people.”

Voltara, who is biologically male, identifies as a woman. Voltara said she is now having a bit of an identity crisis after the experience.

“Two weeks ago, when this happened, I could barely tell my story,” said Voltara. “I didn’t want to talk about it, but after two weeks of being in the institute, I told my story several times and I feel good about my future. I just don’t know how I feel anymore. I was this beautiful woman for the last five years and he stole my beauty from me. Whenever he poured the bleach all over me, it burned me and ruined my hair. I could hear my eyes sizzling. I could feel my hair melting and my back burning.”

Solara Voltara before being burned by bleach.

Now, Voltara is calling for other victims of abuse to come forward.

“When it comes down to who to believe, if you’re a decorated military veteran versus an escort, who’s word are you going to believe?’ said Voltara. “I’m worried that they are going to let him out and he’s going to do it again. If you’re a victim, tell somebody. Tell everybody. As soon as you get to a phone, call the law. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to jail or not. I reached the point where I was so scared and so desperate that I didn’t care if they were going to charge me and throw me in the slammer. I wanted to make sure that they locked him up for what he did. There are probably other victims out there. So, if Rodney Hunt has done anything to you, it is time to come forward and put this man behind bars forever.”

Voltara has a GoFundMe set up for restoring her hair, you can find it by clicking here.

For those in an abusive situation, you can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233.