PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — The Pensacola Police Department currently operates strictly out of their headquarters on N Hayne Street, but that will soon change with the addition of their new substation. 

The Pensacola Police Department tells us the new substation will be on the Pensacola State College campus.


The city is calling it a win for public safety. 

“The north end of town is something that we don’t want to leave an area with no officers in it if they have to come down here. That problem is now solved,” Pensacola Police Department public information officer Mike Wood said.

WKRG News 5 spoke with Pensacola State College students, who were excited about the idea of having officers closer to them. 

“It would be great because the nearest one is over by Palafox, which means if there’s a problem over here, then it would take a little longer for them to get over here, which could be damaging for people, property and could result in some disastrous situations,” PSC student Sydney Williamson said. “And if it’s closer over here, those could be prevented.”

Now, officers on the north side of the city will have a more convenient location to fill out paperwork and upload body cam footage, allowing them to get back to patrolling the streets.

“One of the main things we like to see happen is the body camera footage and the footage from the cruisers,” Wood said. “Once it gets close to the substation, just like it does here at the police department, that information is automatically pulled into the building and put on servers.

“Now that can happen up on the north end instead of the officer leaving his patrol area to come down here and upload that footage.”

Officers with the Pensacola Police Department expect to be in the new space within the next two to three months.