PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — The Pensacola Police Department is adding more officers to patrol the city’s urban core which includes the downtown area.

“We will have four officers, so two will be working during the daytime hours and two will be working evening hours,” Chief Eric Randall said.

The Downtown Improvement Board (DIB) is relieved to see more police to improve safety for both businesses and the people.

“We’d like to see more presence there at night time especially on the weekends when things get a little rowdier and more traffic downtown,” DIB Executive Director Walker Wilson said.

City leaders say nearly a quarter of all 911 calls come from this small geographical area.

“Twenty three percent of the calls within the city of Pensacola that go to PPD come from the DIB district which is only like seven percent makeup of the entire city of Pensacola,” Deputy City Administrator David Forte said.

Employees at downtown businesses say they feel safer with officers patrolling in the morning as they arrive for work and now, they will have police there late at night.

“It’s nice to have them down there so they feel safe,” Wilson said. “We’d like that to also carry over maybe to the folks who are closing down the bar at 2 and 3 a.m. and going home for the night.”

The council also approved Mayor D.C. Reeves’ $3 million plan for the police department which will include more secure fencing at police headquarters, upgrades to body camera technology and a new tactical vehicle.