ESCAMBIA COUNTY, Fla. (WKRG) — There has been at least five shootings in Escambia County in less than a week.

Lavon Brown experienced first hand, the impacts of gun violence. She lost her son, Labar Brown, in 2012.

“That was the most devastating time of my life,” said Lavon Brown.

Now, she and other parents work with PAIN, Parents Against Injustice and Negligence, to help bring awareness and provide support to the community.

One of the recent shootings was a drive-by on Dogwood Dr.. which injured a 14- and 17-year-old. Lavon said she wants the youth to be able to learn from positive role models.

“You can do one wrong thing or say one wrong thing and end your whole life, especially at such a young age,” said Brown. “The schools can’t do it all, the police department can’t do it all, the churches can’t do it all, the community activists can’t do it all. That’s why we all need to come together to make the difference.”

The shooter responsible in Labar’s case is currently serving life in prison.

“If you do the crime, believe me you’re going to do the time,” said Brown. “People need to think about what they’re doing. Because once you shoot a person and kill them, they can’t come back. I don’t care how sorry you are, they still can’t come back.”

As they work to end violence by telling their stories and hosting outreach events, the PAIN organization also serves as a support group for anyone who has lost a son or daughter.