PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — A Pensacola mother has filed a lawsuit against a baby formula company. The Florida mom said her newborn daughter caught salmonella from contaminated formula and was hospitalized, according to the mother’s attorney.

Kelli Green, the mother, claimed that Abbott Laboratories, Inc. made her daughter sick and that one of the sealed baby formula containers had a bug in it. Green’s lawsuit alleged that, after drinking the formula, her daughter started to experience symptoms of Salmonella, including bloody stool, severe diaper rash and loss of appetite.

Green said her daughter has ongoing ear issues, which led to her hospitalization in June 2022. The physician was unable to treat the ear problems due to the Salmonella infection. Green alleged in the lawsuit that Abbott knew their product was contaminated and they continued to sell it.

Green said, “I entrusted Abbott to produce safe baby formula that would help my infant grow and remain as healthy as she was the day she was born. Instead, I alongside countless other American families was burdened with not only the heartache and helplessness that comes along with having a sick child but overwhelming anger at how Abbott deceived our families and profited from formula contaminated by deadly bacteria.”

Many lawsuits have been filed against Abbott after they recalled baby formula and had to shut down their facility in Michigan, which contributed to the baby formula shortage that occurred nationwide. In February 2021, a whistleblower claimed that Abbott had purposely covered up dirty and dangerous conditions by producing fake records and hiding information from inspectors from the Food and Drug Administration. Baby formula production resumed on July 9 at the Michigan factory that produced contaminated baby formula earlier in the year.