ESCAMBIA COUNTY, Fla. (WKRG) — One man was sentenced to life in prison after he shot a man in his mouth for possibly blowing a kiss at a woman back in 2019. 

Jamal Boyer was sentenced after an Escambia County jury found him guilty of Attempted Second Degree Murder with a firearm.

Boyer pulled out a .40 caliber gun and shot a man from the passenger side of a Black Nissan near Navy and Pace Boulverads. The man, who was a passenger in another car, was struck in the face. 

The bullet traveled through the man’s teeth and tongue, lodging itself in the back of his throat, according to a news release from the Florida State Attorney’s Office. Boyer shot the man, who may have “blown a kiss” at Boyer’s friend.

The man survived, but the bullet had to be surgically removed at Baptist Hospital. At the time of the shooting, Boyer had been out of prison for less than six weeks, which made him a prison release reoffender. 

Prison release reoffenders are typically given harsher sentences. Boyer was sentenced to life with the use of the 10-20-Life law. With this law, Boyer’s minimum sentence must be served. In his case, it is mandatory that he serve a life sentence. Boyer’s “life sentence must be served day-today as a mandatory sentence,” according to the release.