PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — After chasing a woman and hitting her, while holding a one-month-old infant, a Pensacola man is now in the Escambia County Jail being held without bond.

Keith Treamel Hollis, Jr., 37, was charged with battery, kidnapping and child abuse, this past weekend.

The incident on Saturday, July 30, started when Hollis began arguing with the victim, according to the report. The victim stated Hollis appeared heavily intoxicated, then left the front doorway after the argument and said he was going to walk to a nearby bar.

Approximately 30 to 40 minutes later, Hollis returned to the apartment after getting a ride from his mother, Alberta. The victim stated Hollis entered her apartment and started arguing once again. That is when Hollis struck her with a closed fist three times in the head, the victim stated, being struck in the upper left portion of her head above her eyebrow, near her hairline.

Now, running away from Hollis down to the parking lot, the victim stated she then got into Alberta’s vehicle and attempted to close the door, but Hollis prevented her from closing the door by forcibly holding it open and then pulled her from the vehicle. The victim said after that, Hollis pushed her down on the pavement behind the vehicle and attempted to stop her from entering the vehicle again by blocking her path, but eventually was able to enter the vehicle.

Pensacola Police Department arrived on the scene, where they saw Hollis standing beside Alberta’s vehicle yelling and pointing at the victim, according to the report.

According to Alberta, she drove to the apartment after the victim contacted her in reference to her son not returning home. She said she picked up Hollis near the apartment and transported him back to their residence. Alberta confirmed the argument and “pushing and shoving” but did not see the victim get hit or pushed down.

Alberta’s boyfriend, who was sitting in the front passenger seat during the altercation, stated he did not witness anybody strike or push anyone, according to the report.

Hollis was charged with one count of child abuse for committing the previously mentioned counts while holding the one month old infant. According to the report, the infant could have been seriously injured while Hollis was chasing the victim, as well as when Hollis was allegedly striking the victim.

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