CORRECTION: The victim, who Pensacola Police said is Christopher Asmar’s mother, is 86-years-old.

PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — A Pensacola man is behind bars after allegedly beating and trying to suffocate an 86-year-old mother, according to the Pensacola Police Department.

Christopher Asmar, 54, was charged with two counts of aggravated battery and two counts of attempted homicide.

According to officers, they responded to a house in Pensacola in reference to a disturbance on Wednesday. One of the witnesses, a caregiver who worked in the home of the victim, said the victim is a dementia patient. The caregiver had been working in the home for the past nine months. According to the caregiver, Asmar moved in with the victim four months ago and since he had moved in, the caregiver said they started noticing unexplained bruises on the victim.

On Nov. 1, the witness said she and another caregiver set up a video camera in the victim’s living room pointed towards the couch where the victim sleeps. They said they set up the video camera to make sure the victim was not falling out of bed, hurting herself unintentionally and to find out how she was getting the bruises.

On the evening of Nov. 2, the witness said she went to get a drink, but drove back to the victim’s house and parked where her vehicle could not be seen. The witness said she then walked into the backyard of the residence and could hear Asmar yelling obscene things at the victim. Moving up the window, the witness said she saw Asmar begin to strike the victim with a pillow, then put the pillow over the victim’s face and put his entire body weight on the pillow. That is when the witness said she called law enforcement.

Officers said once at the residence, they talked with the victim who was visibly overwhelmed and disoriented. When asked about the events, she could not recall and when asked about the bruises on her hands and face, she could not answer, according to the arrest report.

In the videos from the caregiver’s camera, officers said they could see Asmar striking the victim multiple times with a blanket as she was laying on the couch. While striking her with the blanket, Asmar was heard shouting “I’m done with your [expletive]” and “You’re an [expletive].”

In the second video, officers said they could see Asmar striking the victim again saying “You wake up too much longer, I’ll suffocate you myself.”

Officers said there are several more videos of Asmar verbally berating the victim. When they showed the videos to Asmar, officers said Asmar became visibly upset and said the events in the video took place because he got angry at the victim.

Asmar was booked into the Escambia County Jail without bond.

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